Selling Your Denver Real Estate Judgment to Professionals Is a Great Idea

If you have received a judgment in court for real estate that you own but are renting or leasing to others and are hopelessly waiting to be paid, you may be interested in knowing g that there is a solution for you. Here are a few reasons why you may want to look into selling your judgment lien on real property.

Limited Court Action

While the court may rule in your favor, there is only so much they can do to actually enforce the collection of the money. If the defendant refuses to pay or removes all money from their bank account, the court has limited options. Selling your lien to a professional agency lets you get paid and makes it someone else’s problem.

Collecting By Yourself Is Difficult

If you are trying to collect on a lien judgment by yourself, it may be exceedingly difficult to do. Most laws actually favor the debtor, not the creditor. Also, the debtor may move and not leave any forwarding information. In the end, it may actually cost you more to collect than what you get back in return.

Instant Payment

If you need money quickly, it is virtually guaranteed that you will not be able to collect quickly, if at all. Instead of waiting around for the other party to pay up, simply sell your judgment lien on real property and get a generous percentage of what you are owed instead of waiting on a train that may never come.

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