Senior Travel: Know What to Do Before Booking a Flight for Your Parents

There’s nothing like traveling with friends and family. If you love the thought of being able to bring your senior parents along to revisit their old haunts or favorite places in the world, here are must-know tips to keep in mind:

When you’re booking their flights

Does one of your parents require special assistance? Anyone need a wheelchair? Make sure you note that when you book their flights. How about asking for seats that have a bit more leg room so they’ll have an easier time during the flight, says the Huffington Post.

When it comes to boarding and de-boarding

If you or someone in the family can’t be with your parents for the trip, hiring a flight transport nurse is an ideal solution. By hiring someone to assist your parents, you can rest easy knowing they’re in capable, professional hands. You can check in with your parents or the nurse and enjoy solid peace of mind, knowing they’re safe and sound.

When they need help

If your parents have special needs—maybe they’re on medication, maybe even multiple medications—and you want to make sure they don’t miss a dose while they’re on an hours-long flight, getting a nurse to help them manage their medication is a good move. Travel is upsetting to seniors and forgetting to take necessary meds due to stress is another health issue they don’t need.

When you’re worried

If your parents are traveling to finally come home to you and they’re frail and weak, then hiring a flight transport nurse is a must. You are free to take care of the myriad details in preparation for their arrival. You can trust a medical assistance company to help you so your parents can make the trip with ease and convenience.

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