Septic Repair In Gig Harbor WA Should Only Be Performed By An Experienced Company

A homeowner does not think about their septic system until it stops draining the sink or the toilet it backed up. Regular maintenance and repair of a septic system will eliminate any surprise repairs and major costs. A homeowner should never try to repair the septic system himself or herself and should contact a company that has experience with Septic Repair in Gig Harbor WA.

A homeowner can help their system by not putting anything down the drain that they would not eat. A chemical imbalance can lead to major issues in a septic system. Flushing antibacterial wipes, women sanitary products, and other excessive amounts of toilet paper can damage a septic system.

Inspection And Pumping

A septic system should have a regular inspection performed by a trained technician. The septic tank should be pumped on a regular basis before it gets too full. The size of the tank and the number of individual’s in the home will determine how often the tank should be pumped.

Reason For Pumping A Septic Tank

A septic tank holds solids that come from a home and will not completely dissolve. The gray water from the septic tank drains into the drain field. When the septic tank gets too full with solids, they will push into the drain field and cause costly repairs.

Once solids get into a drain field, they will clog the pipes and create puddles of water in the drain field. When this happens, the pipes might have to be removed and replaced. This can be a costly Septic Repair in Gig Harbor WA because excavation and replacement of the pipe and gravel will have to be performed.

Clogged External Pipes

Sometimes the pipe leading from the house to the septic system can get clogged and cause a backup in a home. The best way to clear this type of clog with the use of a jetting. Jetting can often clear the blockage and eliminate costly excavation of the area.

If you are interested in installing a new septic system or having a current one repair or replaced, it is important to contact a septic service that has years of experience performing the work. A well-installed and maintained septic system will last for many years to come.

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