Sheet Metal Fabrication Services: Processes And Options

Fabrication shops come in a variety of sizes. They also focus on different types of products and services. Some may focus on electroplating, metal coating or even stamping. For many, sheet metal fabrication services embrace different processes and involve the employment of diverse metals.

Using Sheet Metal

Thin and versatile, sheet metal provides fabricators with the basis for many products and components. Metals vary depending upon the capabilities/focus of the shop and the requirements of the customer. However, some metal is more popular than other types are. In this list, the more common metals for manufacturing and architectural/construction purposes are:

* Aluminum

* Stainless steel

* Brass

* Copper

* Iron

* Steel

Among the above, both aluminum and stainless steel prove to be very popular. They are versatile, cost-effective and durable. This does not rule out the demand from some manufacturers for less common metals such as silver, gold, titanium and platinum.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services: Processes

Fabricators are capable of using their technology to produce diverse components. They can create custom parts and prototypes. Value-added services also improve the attractiveness of a shop to many industrial concerns. Overall fabrication services can include any of the following:

* Assembling

* Bending

* Cutting: e.g. chiseling, sawing and shearing using automatic, manual or CNC controlled equipment

* Design

* Rolling

* Stamping

* Welding: Can involve robotic welding as well as manual MIG, TIG or ARC

Some companies also provide anodizing, annealing, painting, notching, plating, and even powder coating. It will depend on the fabrication shop. In some instances, the work may be done off site. The fabricators will contract-out certain processes.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal is a common material of fabricators and manufacturers. Whether stainless steel, copper or aluminum, fabricators utilize the material to produce a variety of items for common usage. To satisfy their customers, shops offer a variety of sheet metal fabrication services. Many will even work with you from the design phase straight through production assembly and even packaging.

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