Should You Be Shopping for Hino Trucks in Texas?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Automotive

Are you thinking about buying a medium or heavy duty truck for your business? You can find several choices when you shop and when you take a look at what Hino trucks in Texas have to offer, you may decide to buy one. Here are some good reasons to consider Hino when it is time to make your purchase.


For three decades, Hino trucks in Texas have served their owners well. These trucks are designed to give you the most service for your money. They have a reputation for quality and dependability. Today, the company ranks among the top producers of commercial trucks.


When you shop for new Hino trucks in Texas, you enjoy a lot of options. For example, they make medium duty- vehicles rated from 19,500 to 33,000 GVW. Hino produces two heavy duty models and two light duty models.

Fuel Efficiency

Hino puts a lot of energy and thought into their trucks. They are designed to deliver top fuel economy. This is a major consideration for any business today, as fuel costs continue to rise. However, if you would like to take fuel efficiency to the next level, check out one of Hino’s medium duty hybrid trucks. They are manufactured with diesel-electric drive systems to give you outstanding fuel economy. You also receive the benefits of a six-speed automatic transmission.


If driver comfort is important, you should look into Hino trucks in Texas. You can order options like key-less entry remote, power windows, and power door locks. Some models come with air conditioning and CD as standard equipment.


Your new Hino truck is designed to give the driver exceptional visibility. Drivers can easily see the road and get an enhanced view. The driver’s seat is designed for comfort and visibility too.

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