Should You Changeover to Pallet Shipping and Storage?

Is your shipping facility growing? Perhaps your warehouse needs to expand because you handle more products than in the past. If you don’t use a pallet system for storage and shipping, you lose money each day. In fact, the right palletizing equipment increases efficiency and output. Here are some important benefits of switching to pallet loads.

What Are Pallets?

Pallets simplify the process of carrying materials. They make excellent storage tools and are the perfect base for stacking goods. Pallets are wood, plastic, and even corrugated cardboard. You can ship your goods on pallets and stretch wrap plastic film is commonly attached to create one bundle.

Faster Logistics

Pallets help speed up the process of warehousing. For example, instead of moving one product or container, you can move several in the same amount of time. Faster movement helps to:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Faster customer turnaround times
  • Less spoilage risk for perishable items

Less Handling Needed

When you have the right palletizing equipment, you handle fewer loads. This lowers the risk of damage. It also lowers the chances of injury to your employees.


Pallets make storage easier. You can install pallet racks and store goods all the way to the ceiling. This gives you more storage space, and you might not need to expand your building.

Water Drainage

Do you need to store materials outdoors? If so, rainwater could saturate some products. Pallets let water through and offer a drainage source.

Choosing the Right Palletizing Equipment

Small businesses can manually stack their loads. For large operations, you can choose from several automated palletizing machines. Some work at floor level, while others work at high levels. Also, robotic palletizing machines stack complex loads from more than one conveyor system. The money saved on automated equipment helps to pay back your investment quickly.

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