Should You Wear a Printed Midi?

You’re shopping. You’ve been dying to try on a midi dress ever since you saw your friend rock one last weekend. You’re flipping through the options and you realize that there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a midi dress. You find yourself wondering whether or not you should buy a printed midi dress. The answer might be yes.

If You’re Nervous

One of the benefits of a printed midi is that it helps cover up any flaws you might think you have. Of course, with anything skintight, you need to make sure your underwear works hard for you. Slimming shapewear can make a huge difference in a midi. You might have to invest in a structured bra that will do its job under even the trickiest neckline. But, once your foundation is in place, you’ll realize that a solid-color leaves your shape exposed. If you feel less than perfect, prints are your friend!

If You Want to Set a Mood

Let’s face it: midi dresses are sexy. If you wear it right, everyone in the room will be noticing you. But, sexy isn’t always enough. You might also want to feel classy, or wild, or sophisticated. Choosing the right print for your midi dress can help you meet your style goals.

If You Like to Downplay Accessories

Some women are addicted to over-the-top accessories and feel underdressed if they aren’t wearing bold jewelry. If that’s not you, a printed midi is a good choice. Midi dresses are a statement all by themselves. Your jewelry shouldn’t compete with your dress; it should compliment it. The real star of midi dresses is the body underneath the dress. Don’t let a bulky necklace or huge handbag compete with your curves.

If You Know What to Look For

Midi dresses can be hard to wear. The best accessory is confidence, of course. But, it doesn’t hurt to know the tricks for buying the right printed midi. Because the hem line hits mid calf, it’s easy to look frumpy. Therefore, choose a print that is far from middle aged. Don’t be afraid to find a dress that stops just above or below your actual mid calf. If it just doesn’t look right, try a different dress. Your friend might look fabulous in it, but she’s taller or shorter and the hem stops at a different place. And, always remember your heels! Midi dresses look awful with flats so bring a pair of heels with you when shopping so you know you’re getting the right dress for your body.

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