Signs that House Siding is Damaged and Needs Repairs

The siding on a home is one of the only things that stands between the interior insulation and drywall and the elements outside. The siding boards and all the other components work together to protect the home from heat, weather and other damaging elements. In some cases, damage can occur to House Siding that is hidden from view, which can be quite dangerous. If these issues are allowed to continue on without being fixed, the costs of repair can be extensive. Some signs of damage to watch for are found here.

Deterioration and Overall Aging

Siding is going to show its age differently based on the type of material it is made out of and how well the material is being maintained. For example, vinyl is most likely to suffer from solar weathering, while wood may become warped or rotted. In both cases, the siding will appear warped, wavy or uneven in some areas. Any House Siding that has these issues should be replaced right away.


Another sign of damage is if the heads of nails are missing, rusty or exposed. If the nails have popped out of the siding, then some type of movement has been going on. A rusty nail head indicates an issue with moisture and if the nail is completely missing, then the siding is at risk of becoming completely detached.

Caulk and Seams

It is important that the siding is caulked over all the joints and vertical seams. As time passes, the caulk can begin to crack, shrink or even wear away. If the seams appear to have shifted or the boards appear uneven, then the siding may fail. The siding should appear seamless if it has been caulked properly.

When it comes to the siding on any home, regardless of the material, taking notice of serious issues is essential to keep it as protective as possible. Additional information can be found by visiting the website. Take the time to inspect the siding from time to time to ensure that it is still doing its job and that it is providing protection for the home.

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