Signs You May Have Low Blood Sugar

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you likely know the signs that you have low blood sugar and as a result, keep the necessary insulin pump supplies on-hand at all times. However, if you are unsure whether or not this is an issue you have, it may be a good idea to learn more about the condition.

Low Blood Sugar – The Signs

Indications of low blood sugar can vary from person to person, but some of the most common include shakiness, dizziness, issues paying attention, jerky or clumsy movements, headaches, hunger or sudden moodiness. Unfortunately, there are many people who never even notice the signs that their blood sugar is low. Instead, they wind up developing a serious condition referred to as hypoglycemic unawareness. When it becomes severe, this can lead to a coma, unconsciousness and even death. This is why it is best to find out if you have diabetes from a doctor and have sufficient insulin pump supplies available at all times.

Who Can Suffer From Low Blood Sugar?

While anyone can suffer from low blood sugar, hypoglycemic unawareness will occur most commonlyin individuals who are treated with insulin and who suffer from type-1 diabetes. However, it can also occur in those who have insulin treated type 2 diabetes. In addition to having the needed supplies for these conditions, it is also important for those with diabetes to not skip meals, not increase their physical activity or increase alcohol intake, since all these issues may lead to blood sugar problems.

If you are diagnosed with low blood sugar or diabetes, and required to keep an insulin pump, make sure you have the necessary insulin pump supplies at all times.

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