Simplified Hydraulics Through A Single Acting Cylinder

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Machinery and Tools

For equipment, machines, vehicles, systems and production lines, hydraulic cylinders are a critical component. Choosing the ideal hydraulic cylinder to obtain optimum performance, power, and durability will always be an important process.

There are many different types of hydraulic cylinders. The two general categories include welded and tie rod in standard and telescoping cylinders. Additionally, there are double and single acting cylinder options, with each category of cylinder offering benefits and advantages for various jobs.

Single Acting Advantages

In any style of cylinder, the single acting cylinder option provides the least complicated option. These cylinders have a single port that allows the hydraulic fluid to circulate through the system to extend the cylinder rod. The weight on the rod is used to push the rod back into the cylinder.

With only a single port, they offer a more simplified system than is found in the double acting cylinder. Double acting cylinders have two ports, one to extend the piston and one to create the downward pressure to retract the piston.

One less port and one less hose means a reduced risk of hydraulic leaks and system failures. It also means less space required to operate within a machine, equipment or system.

Ensure Correct Sizing

One of the most common issues with a single acting cylinder or a double acting cylinder is having the incorrect size of cylinder in the equipment. This can result in a variety of issues such as bent rods or wear on one side of the rod seal or on the rod bearings. While components of the cylinder can be replaced, this can be eliminated if the cylinder is upgraded to a higher capacity.

As with any type of cylinder, it will be important to correctly maintain the hydraulic fluid and periodically check the seals. This will help to extend the life cycle of the cylinder while also proactively identify any issues that may result in system failure.

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