Situations in Which a Restraining Order Lawyer in Oceanside, CA Is Helpful

A restraining order, also known as an order of protection, prohibits a person from coming within a certain distance of a specific individual. In the case of domestic partners and spouses, the person must move out of the home. The order also prohibits or restricts any type of contact. Courts do not issue these orders without evidence of harassment, stalking, or abuse. A restraining order lawyer in Oceanside, CA may be necessary to convince a judge to do so.

Additional Details

A Restraining Order Lawyer in Oceanside, CA can include numerous other details of this restrictive measure. For instance, the two persons may need to be within close range of each other when transferring the children for visitation or shared custody. If they work in the same building, the order can include an exclusion for this detail. The two may still be able to avoid ever seeing each other in this location.

Criminal Offender Re-Entry

In some cases, the order is issued when an offender is released from jail after a sentence for domestic violence. The family does not want to fear this individual coming near the home or approaching them on the street. The ex-offender may be required to stay out of the neighborhood completely and not come near the children’s school.

Time Frame

These orders, as written through an organization such as the Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris, are normally temporary and include a specific time frame. A so-called permanent order may be issued that lasts up to five years. If the problem has developed in the environment of a marriage or domestic partnership, the person who became abusive has the chance for rehabilitation and counseling. In the case of a criminal conviction for domestic violence, the offender may be required to attend weekly sessions for 52 weeks.


Eventually, some couples want to get back together after successful completion of anger-management sessions, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or a similar program. They cannot simply ignore the restraining order, though. A violation can result in serious consequences for the person named in the order. Click here for information on one particular lawyer who provides representation in this field.

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