Situations Where Drug Testing in Cincinnati, OH is Required

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Health

There are several situations in which a drug test is required to prove that substance abuse is not a contributing factor. For employers, this is due to needing a safe operating environment. For legal cases, the results of these tests are a part of the evidence presented in a case. In the case of a car accident, a drug test is used to rule out a cause or attribute blame if the person was using drugs.

One situation that may require Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, is when an employer uses it as a condition of employment. The operation of heavy equipment, factory lines, and other types of jobs require employees to be free of the influence of drugs for safety purposes. Since drug use can interfere with a person’s judgment, it is often mandatory for many different types of jobs. Many companies will also randomly test to ensure that employees are operating without drugs in their system.

Another situation that may require drug testing is in legal cases. The testing is done to validate claims that a person is not using a particular substance. Since some legal cases, such as custody cases, can have lots of accusations being made, the testing is a way to prove or disprove claims made during the hearing. This test is usually admissible in a court setting and is taken as legal evidence to prove or disprove a person’s statement about their potential drug use.

Car accidents involving serious injuries will require Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, for the drivers involved. This is to establish if drugs was a contributing factor to the accident. The results of the drug test can be used to determine if extra charges are going to be brought. The insurance company will also take the results of these tests into consideration as part of their investigation.

These are some of the situations in which a drug test from Eastside Urgent Care of Cincinnati OH, is needed. Employers use it to ensure safe operating conditions. Legal cases use it to prove or disprove claims. It may also be required after an accident has occurred.

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