Skills Learned During Gymnastics Summer Camp Programs in Fairfield CT

When summertime comes near, it’s time for parents to start thinking about where their kids will be during the long time off school. Most have at least two month’s worth of time off of school for summer vacation. Enrolling kids in a summer camp program is a great way to keep them entertained and ensure they’re doing something productive rather than sitting in front of the teleivison. Summer Camp Programs in Fairfield CT include gymnastics, providing children with a plethora of skills.

Social Skills

Sure, kids may already be developing social skills at school, but it couldn’t hurt to learn more. Kids in gymnastics often have to learn how to not only socialize with others, but also work with them in group activities. They must share the space and get along well so everyone can have an enjoyable time at summer camp.

Self Confidence

Children can gain better self confidence after going to a gymnastics summer program and learning new moves. They will become better at the tasks and can be proud of themselves week by week for all they’re accomplishing. This builds confidence and helps them feel special about themselves. They’ll learn they can do anything they set their minds to if only they try.


The kids get to set goals for themselves, and the teachers will set goals as well. This teaches the importance of goal-setting and shows that following through with tasks can help people meet their objectives. While one child may want to focus on getting better at tumbling, another may simply want to be able to accomplish 10 rolls in a row. Every child gets to set a goal based on their desires for the class and themselves.


Being flexible is a difficult skill to develop. It takes a lot of practice and dedication. Kids enrolled in a gymnastics summer camp program will become more and more flexible as the days go by. They get to roll, tumble, jump, and perform other gymnastics moves that will help them improve their flexibility and build overall body strength.

Summer camp programs in Fairfield CT teach children plenty of skills they can carry on into life. Visit to learn more about the skills learned and the classes available. Full and half day options are possible for summer sessions.

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