Small Auto Repairs Now Can Save Big Money Later

Cars are a lot better now than they were 15 or 20 years ago, as a result more and more owners are holding on to them rather than trade for a new model. There is no doubt that keeping a car longer is a wise financial decision although they must be properly maintained to ensure they run efficiently and safely. When you undertake auto repair in Cicero; brakes, shock absorbers, batteries, tires, etc in a timely manner the car can stay on the road longer and prevent costly repairs in the future.

The average number of years that owners are keeping their cars is going up. There is no reason to think that an older car, especially if it has been repaired and maintained well, will not be dependable and safe.

Two key components in any car are the brakes and the battery, those that are aware of the need for replacement of these key components can forward plan instead of being faced with unexpected expenses.

Check brakes after winter:

One cause of premature brake failure is a buildup of road salt and grit during the winter months. Salt water, brine, I very aggressive and can quickly attack exposed brake parts, reducing their service life. Once the weather starts to warm in the spring it is a good idea to have a shop that specializes in auto repair in Cicero go over the brake system, looking for any evidence of pending failure.

Battery replacement:

Batteries are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. During the summer, elevated temperatures can cause corrosion of the battery grids. When the winter comes and the car needs extra power to start, this is when the damage becomes evident.

Under ideal conditions a car battery can last more than five years, under less than ideal conditions, which is what you find in Illinois, the stress of wildly differing temperatures shorten the battery life. Batteries rarely give advance warning that they are about to fail, replacing after three years is something to consider.

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