Smile Brighter with Professional Teeth Whitening from Your Dentist

Those who are unhappy with their smile are typically more aware of the major role it can play in your life. Your smile is typically the first thing people see, and they use it to gauge your personality. A bright and welcoming smile is most often associated with a friendly person, and people will often feel more comfortable approaching you. When you are unhappy with the look of your smile it can make you uncomfortable and thus a little bit harder to put on that friendly face in public. Most often the reason behind a less than stellar smile is dissatisfaction with their coloring. Certain factors like aging, smoking, drinking coffee or other dark liquids can stain your teeth over time. Luckily, there are many safe and effective teeth whitening options available that can help to eliminate these stains.

Over the Counter Options Leave a Lot to Be Desired

Oftentimes people look over the counter options when it comes to tooth whitening, hoping that it will be faster or cheaper. However, more often than not they are left disappointed as these methods of whitening are not as effective as professional treatments from your dentist. By utilizing professional dentistry in an effort to brighten your smile you can ensure that your teeth whitening treatment is tailored to the shape of your teeth, meaning the solutions is evenly distributed and will not leak onto your gums. The same cannot be said for at home teeth whitening kits, and can actually end up causing you more trouble in the end.

Find Out if You Are a Good Candidate Before You Waste Your Money

A professional cosmetic dentistry office can evaluate the state of your teeth to help you determine whether or not a teeth whitening procedure is beneficial for you. Not everyone is a good candidate for whitening techniques, certain types of stains respond better to these treatments than others. If you are looking to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Chicago contact the cosmetic dentistry experts at Art of Modern Dentistry for a free consultation.