Spanish Speakers Needed – Everywhere!

The U.S. has always had a Hispanic population, but it’s only since 1980 that the population has been tracked by the Census. In 2014, Hispanics comprised over 55 million people from Florida to Alaska. While a large number of them speak English, some do not speak it well, or are more confident when discussing medical matters in Spanish. Spanish speakers are needed anywhere, and especially in medical settings. Medical Spanish classes are a great addition to your skillset, whether you are a doctor, nurse, or technician.


Imagine yourself in a foreign country, and that your child has become ill. You’re in a hospital, and trying to understand as best you can what it is the admitting nurse wants from you. You can understand a little, but you’re not sure of some words, and have no idea what others mean. Then another nurse steps in and tells you – in English – what is wrong with your baby, and how they are going to treat her condition. You would feel relieved, grateful, and confident that your family is in good hands. Now you understand how medical Spanish classes could make the difference to someone else.

Never too Late to Learn

As a medical professional, you keep up with all the latest developments in your field, and apply them to your care routines. Think of this as updating you communications skills to the benefit of your patients and their family and caregivers. There are over 40 million Spanish speakers in the US, only Mexico has more, and 11 million or so are bilingual. That’s not nearly enough to service the number in need of medical services delivered in their own language, even if every bilingual Spanish speaker went into a medical field. Sign up for medical Spanish classes today!

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