If you look at the list of reputable companies performing contract sewing services, you will notice the variations that exist within the industry. They differentiate in one of several ways. Some may generalize what they do and for whom they do it. Others may focus on a specific product or produce all their items or components for a particular client. This latter group performs is specialized.

What Is a Specialized Contract Sewing Service?

A specialized contract sewing service is a company with a definite emphasis. It concentrates its employees, materials and production facilities in either:

  1. Designing, engineering and/or producing a specific type of item or
  2. Focusing on a specific company and its products

The former may specialize; the latter may combine the best of generalization – the different product and techniques with a singular and specialized market.

A shop that does focus on providing a specific product or type of work is specialized. It is also a custom shop. It may be a small facility handling short run jobs. It can also be a large commercial enterprise. Those that focus on providing custom sewing may focus on the following aspects or components of a larger product.

  • Buttons, snaps and other fasteners
  • Embroidery
  • Labeling
  • Mixed media

Often dismissed as “decorative work,” these companies fill a valuable niche in the production machine. They add flourishes that are not run-of-the-mill or currently exist. Much of what they do is on request by the client. It meets their specifications and matches the expectations of performance and design. The work can be very demanding and painstaking. It requires skilled workers to perform some aspects of this type of custom sewing services.

Markets for Specialized Contract Sewing Services

Customized sewing services are in demand by various companies, particularly those who have specific requests and demands of their own. Companies contracting this specialized work include:

  • Aviation organizations
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction companies
  • Hospitality groups and facilities
  • Medical professionals and medical associations
  • Military agencies
  • Transportation industry

The nature of the work demands the two work together to produce the desired item. This may mean starting with a basic design before creating a prototype for approval. Only after all contingencies are taken care of and the prototype is found to be the desired result, will any form of production relating to the item or component occur.

Contract Sewing Services

Not every company requires a custom-made part or product. Some industries never need to talk to specialists in this area. They can proceed from start to finish without ever dealing with the added complexity but definitely unique aspects of hiring and working with custom contract sewing services.