Specialty Powder Coating – Function and Durability

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Plating and Metal Finishing

A very popular dry finishing process for industrial and other applications since its introduction in North America more than four decades ago is referred to as powder coating. This type of coating is utilized on increasing basis by companies that require a durable finish that necessitates minimal maintenance, is environmentally compliant, can maximize production, and is simply a high quality product. Specialty powder coating is highly useful in demanding applications.

Powder Coating Performance

Powder coatings consist of polymer resin systems that are combined with pigments, curatives, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives. All of these ingredients are melted, mixed, cold, and finally ground into an evenly constituted powder. After this, an electrostatic spray deposition is used by the means of a spray gun to apply the coating to the metal object. When emitted from the gun, the powder has a mild negative charge. The object receiving the powder must be clean and free of grease, dirt, or oil. It is then connected to a small electrode that provides a mild positive electrical charge. Due to the opposite charges involved, the powder particles are drawn to the item.

After this, heat is applied through a curing oven whereby the specialty powder coating reacts chemically to create long molecular change that are highly resistant to breaking down. Both nonmetallic and metallic objects, as well as substrates such as plastics and fiberboard can utilize this process.

Durability of Powder Coating

An experienced metal coatings company can provide the solutions and identify the perfect coating for the particular needs of customers. These companies can produce coatings in a virtually endless combination of textures and colors that result in high quality performance characteristics.

Powder coatings are used on heavy machinery, but they are also used on many everyday household items. In addition they offer more durability than liquid paints, but are just as visually appealing.

Specialty powder coating is highly useful for the resistance of impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, as well as challenging weather conditions.

For information about how you can benefit from the application of these coatings to your machinery, equipment, parts, or other products, contact an experienced industrial coating supplier today.

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