Spray Foam Vs. Metal Roofing Systems

If you check out many commercial buildings today, you will see a lot of metal roofing systems in place. Years ago, they were very popular, and some companies still use them today. However, more and more businesses are turning to spray foam roofs for a variety of reasons. Let’s compare these two roofing types to show you some of the many differences.


Metal is very durable, and it’s basically fire-proof. Metal will reflect some of the summertime heat from a building. It’s usually made in large sheets, and the seams are sealed with special caulking materials. Metal can be customized to cover a variety of shapes. However, it does have its downsides too.

Metal roofing systems will rust over time. It’s not an easy material to install or work with. Replacing one of these roofs can be very difficult, and it’s expensive to remove the old materials. Also, once rust gets to a certain point, repairs are almost impossible.

Spray Foam

Spray foam roofs are applied with special equipment and material. After surface preparation, they are usually applied in four layers:

* Polyurethane

* Silicone base coat

* GE Silicone top coat

* Embedded UV resistant granules

Benefits of Spray Foam

Once your new roof is in place, it’s strong enough to withstand the wind and weather conditions of a Category 5 hurricane. No other kind of flat roofing can make this claim.

No Seams

One of the biggest areas for roof leaks is the seams. This is especially true with metal roofing systems. With spray foam, there are no seams to leak.

Less Weight

A foam roof is light compared to most other roofing types. This is an important consideration. You’ll enjoy more benefits with a flexible and sustainable spray foam roof on your facility. Your commercial roofing contractors offer free estimates, so there are no risks involved.

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