Steps Followed By An Automobile Accident Attorney In Everett, MA

In Massachusetts, victims of auto accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries. The severity of their injuries could define the volume of their losses. These losses could equate to a monetary value or the overall effects of the injuries on their entire lives. The following defines the steps followed by an Automobile Accident Attorney in Everett MA.

Explore the Accident Report

The accident report defines who is at fault in the accident. It also identifies all parties that were involved and which parties sustained injuries. The exact path of the accident is recorded on this report. It defines how all actions that lead to each collision. This information is vital for the case and defines how the case is navigated.

Evaluate the Possibility of Comparative Fault

Comparative fault defines whether or not any victims identified were also at fault. If these victims committed moving violations, they share part of the blame in the accident. The state can reduce any possible settlement provided to these victims. They apply a percentage based on how severe the violations were. If this percentage increases over fifty percent, the victim won’t acquire any monetary award for their injuries.

Identify Crimes Involved in the Accident

DUI is the most severe of criminal offenses that are often associated with automobile accidents. If the at-fault driver was guilty of a DUI, they could face additional charges. These charges could range up to manslaughter if a victim dies as a result of the accident.

Calculate the Settlement

The attorney must calculate the settlement. They begin with all medical expenses associated with the accident. Next, they add any wages that the victim lost as a result of the accident. If a fatality occurred, the victim’s family can acquire lifelong wages for this loss.

In Massachusetts, victims of accidents have the legal right to acquire compensation through legal avenues. They can file a personal injury claim to acquire this value based on how severe they were injured. Their family can file if the victim dies. Victims of these accidents contact an Automobile Accident Attorney in Everett MA by visiting for more information today.

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