Steps to Earning a Real Estate License in Utah

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Real Estate School


A new career in real estate is exciting and the time is right to get involved. The market is booming and hungry for new agents to help sell homes. The industry offers unprecedented earning potential, awesome hours and a plethora of opportunities to get started. Licensure is a requirement for a career as a Realtor, but the path to get there is pretty straightforward.

Meet Minimum Requirements

A Utah real estate broker license is only available for individuals who have not been convicted of a felony in the past five years or a misdemeanor that included dishonesty, theft, fraud or misrepresentation in the last three years. Applicants must also be at least eighteen years old and have a high school diploma. These conditions ensure that licensed agents can be trusted with access to clients’ homes and financial information.

Complete Essential Education

The state of Utah requires 120 hours of education from a certified real estate pre-license school. You must complete those hours within one year of the date you apply for licensure. Courses cover real estate ownership, brokerage and the law of agency, contracts, property management, settlement, federal taxation, real estate finance, valuation and appraisal, new construction, math skills, federal laws, and Utah law.

Pass Examination and Apply

The required classes cover everything you will need to know to pass the licensure exam, making this step fairly easy to complete. Test takers will also have their fingerprints taken on testing day and pay a fee that covers the cost of the exam and the fingerprints. Within 90 days of completing the exam, an application must be completed and submitted to the state licensing office.

Obtaining your Utah real estate broker license is the first phase in the process of becoming a realtor. Hard work and dedication, plus a great rapport with clients and fellow agents, are also key to success in the field. If you’re interested working in real estate, these steps will get you started.

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