Streamlining Your Commercial Bathrooms

If you own a facility with public bathrooms, you likely already know that it is important to allow customers to move through your restrooms as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Streamlining these important rooms should help prevent long queues. The following ideas, such as installing a fast new commercial hand dryer, may help improve your establishment’s commercial bathrooms.

Use Space Well

Using space well should be among your biggest priorities. If you are planning a renovation project, try to evaluate the layout of your bathrooms. Are there areas of wasted space that could be put to better use by adding an extra stall, sink or hand dryer? As much as possible, try to maximize the space you have while still leaving room for people to move comfortably through the bathrooms without feeling cramped or crowded.

Replace Old Components

If your restrooms have components or appliances that do not work as well as they should, choosing to may go a long way toward boosting efficiency. Consider potentially helpful steps such as adding a fast, energy-efficient new commercial hand dryer to replace an outdated one. Also, make sure that sinks, soap dispensers and toilets consistently work as expected. If every restroom component is functional, visitors should be able to move quickly through your bathrooms and get on with their routines.

Keep Things Clean

Once you have evaluated the layout and components of your bathroom, do not forget to also consider cleanliness. Try to make sure you always keep up with the state of the restrooms in your building. If a stall or sink is dirty, visitors will be unlikely to use it, which might immediately create a backlog.

Are you thinking about renovating or upgrading your establishment’s bathrooms with efficiency in mind? If so, try to use space wisely, keep things clean, invest in new components such as a commercial hand dryer, and more. Visit for more information.

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