Stress-Free and Budget-Friendly Moving Tips from NYC to the West Coast

A long distance move can wreak havoc on your nerves and stress level. While the dream of living the California lifestyle and donning the corporate uniform of a hoodie, flip flops, and torn jeans to the office with the obligatory cute puppy mascot in your beachfront office are certainly appealing, the process of getting from point A to point B is a bit more complicated in a long distance move. Here are some ways you can prepare and make it all a bit more zen!

No doubt about it, the nearly 2,800 mile cross-country move from New York to the west coast requires careful planning whether it’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle or San Diego. It’s no small schlep across town for your most prized possessions…it’s a heck of a schlep! How do you do it on a budget? How do you get your stuff there safely? And how long will it take? Let’s talk about this!

How do I find the best long distance movers NYC has to offer for my budget?

There’s a vast selection of long distance movers NYC has to offer. The longer the trip, the higher the rate will be.Some charge by weight, and some charge by volume which means cubic feet. The first rule of thumb when moving long distance from NYC is – don’t move stuff that you don’t need. Whereas local moves are priced by time, long distance moves are priced by weight or the the space that items take in a truck. Many times, it’s just not worth moving a large or heavy item that you can easily replace once you arrive at your destination. Don’t hesitate to list and sell those items on Craigslist prior to your move. Perhaps granny’s armoire that you adore can be stored at a family member’s home until you’re settled in your new home.

How Is my stuff getting there safely?

it’s important to know that in many of the cases your items will be transferred from the truck of a local moving crew to be consolidated on the long distance shipper’s 18-wheeler. It is your responsibility to work with the packing crew to make sure that all your furniture and delicate items are carefully wrapped, padded and well protected for the trip. The most vulnerable time for your items is when they are being transferred onto and off of the truck and from one truck to another. Moving insurance is always recommended in a long distance move from NYC to the west coast. Some moving companies may only offer liability coverage and are not authorized and licensed to sell an insurance policy so it’s important to determine if additional insurance is needed to cover that gap. This could be looked at as an additional expense, but think of the money you’d lose to replace valuables if something were to happen? And we’re all too familiar with those stories to be sure!

When will it arrive?

Almost all the long distance moving companies and household goods transporters in New York and New Jersey will give you a window for the arrival of your goods. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand how that window works. Your movers must have the start and end dates of the window written in the contract and they must hand you or email you a copy of it. This will greatly minimize the chance of having a misunderstanding related to the agreed delivery dates.

Long Distance Movers NYC to San Francisco CA and the Bay Area

A cross country move from New York and New Jersey to San Francisco and the Bay Area is in many ways similar to a move to other west coast destinations except for one major difference — San Francisco is known for its narrow and steep streets which simply means that an 18-wheeler can’t park or get through to many places in the city. This requires your long distance movers to use a smaller truck and do shuttles between the large trailer and your home address by using a smaller local truck. in most cases, moving companies will charge an additional amount of money that adds hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your initial price for their extra effort and rental of the smaller truck. It’s important to ask your mover about their policy when a shuttle is needed. Do they charge more for that service, and how do they calculate the amount? As always, you’ll want the mover to include the terms and rates for such service in your contract.

Long Distance Movers NYC to Seattle WA and Portland OR

This is probably the longest trip that a long distance moving company does from NYC and NJ. with nearly 3000 miles of road, the delivery time will be the longest and, therefore, it’s important to pack suitcases with the immediate stuff that you’ll need to use. Moving insurance for your goods while in transit may also be a smart thing to do. If there’s going to be a gap between your stuff arriving, you might want to consider alternate arrangements during that period. Booking an AirBnB can help relieve the stress of being in an empty home or apartment while you wait for your stuff to arrive — particularly if you’re starting a new job.

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