Successful and Professional Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair is one of the outstanding features that most people notice when they see you for the first time. Lack of hair can lead to low self-esteem and social issues. However, with technological advancements like follicular unit extraction in Chicago, you do not need to despair when your hair starts to fall off or when you lack hair.

Reasons Why Follicular Unit Restoration Is Important:

Follicular unit extraction is part of hair restoration, and it is discrete and natural. The technic ensures that your hair becomes healthy, and it thrives. The technic includes hair transplant by extracting hair follicles from any part of your skin and moving them to the area where you desire the hair. You can also decide to perform the procedure where the hair is thin or unhealthy.

The procedure is painless, but you need a qualified professional to carry it out. It takes a lot of skill for the surgeon to complete it. However, you will need time for the hair to recover from the tenderness. Choose a professional with skills, experience, and competence. The process takes considerable time and labor. The surgeon uses specific instruments to extract the hair follicle.

The area where you extract follicles will not grow hair again. Therefore, select a location where you do not need growth for the removal. The hair transplant procedure is permanent and lasts for a long. Make sure you give your hair and scalp adequate time to recover. You will require a compression made of cotton to cover your hair during the healing and restoration duration. You can do light exercises and chores after the procedure. For hair restoration, consult professionals for follicular unit extraction.

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