Suppliers of Air Dryers in PA Provide a Solution to a Common Problem

Air compressors concentrate atmospheric air and everything within it. Most often, that includes water vapor, a frequently unwanted additive that can do a great deal of damage to equipment.

Even air that enters a compressor while relatively dry can end up containing a significant amount of water by volume once it has been compressed. The Air Dryers PA companies like Air Center Inc. stock and sell are designed to address this common problem.

Dry Air is Often the Best Bet

Compressed air is used for a wide variety of purposes, each of which gives rise to characteristic requirements and conditions. In some cases, it will not matter all that much if the air discharged by a compressor is especially humid.

In many more, however, water in vaporous or liquid forms can be entirely unacceptable. Overly moist compressed air could damage expensive equipment directly or simply encourage the longer-term progress of corrosion.

By making appropriate use of Air Dryers PA, companies that could otherwise struggle with such problems can rule them out entirely. Air dryers are able to remove moisture from the air so that the dried mixture of gases can then be fed into a compressor. When choosing an air dryer for a particular situation, setup, or facility, issues like the following are typically some of the most important to consider:

  • Style.
  • Air dryers work by refrigerating air so moisture within it condenses and can be more easily removed. Some dryers simply keep running at all times, drawing energy and making noise regardless of the need. Others are designed to cycle on when air gets pulled into them and then to shut off thereafter. Cycling dryers cost less to operate but tend to be more expensive to purchase. A non-cycling dryer will often be more reliable than a cycling alternative because of its simpler design.
  • Power.
  • The power rating of an air dryer will normally give a good idea as to how much moisture it can pull out in a given amount of time.

Many High-Quality Air Dryers to Consider

Browse website pages that list and describe a variety of air dryers and it will be seen that there are plenty of options to assess. Choosing the most appropriate air dryer for a given situation will always be productive.