Sweet Tooth? Smart Candy Choices from Your Elk Grove Village Dentist

Whether you are celebrating a holiday or satisfying your sweet tooth, it is no secret that candy can put a smile on your face. However, too much candy may put a damper on your smile. This is why you need to be careful about your consumption of candy and other sweets.

Why You Should Choose Your Candy Wisely

You need to be careful when choosing your candy because the wrong choices can lead to a cavity or even a broken tooth. It is also important to be mindful of current treatments or upcoming procedures, such as invisible braces in Elk Grove Village.

Smart Candy Choices from Your Elk Grove Village Dentist

You may be wondering what kind of candy is safe for your teeth, especially when so many people advise against eating candy at all. Luckily, you can find smart candy choices from your Elk Grove Village dentist.

The best candy for your teeth is actually chocolate because it melts in your mouth. There are some chocolate candies that contain less sugar, and dark chocolate has several health benefits. Of course, you need to eat your chocolate in moderation.

Unfortunately, hard candy, gummies, taffy, and sour candy are bad choices because of the sugar exposure or acid content. Furthermore, you may damage your teeth on hard candy or pull out a filling on sticky candy.

Treatment For Problems from Poor Candy Choices

The good news is that most oral problems from candy can be treated by your dentist. Treatments include having your teeth cleaned or cavities filled, and you can also ask about teeth whitening in Mount Prospect.

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