If you have designed t-shirts in the past or are just now getting into t-shirt printing, knowing the five key elements to consider will help you to create just the look you want.

People often make just slight mistakes when designing and printing t-shirts, resulting in a final product that looks good, but not great. Going back to these elements or factors will help you to make the changes you need to improve the look or push your design to a new level.

Target Audience

Even before choosing a design, stop and think about your target audience. This is the group of consumers you want to attract with your promotion or your t-shirt design. The design may need to be modified based on age, gender, type of interests, hobbies, and other factors.


Once you have an idea in mind, think about how the design will look on a shirt. It has to be developed to look great in real life. Some designs look terrific on the computer screen, but really don’t translate into the larger or smaller size required for t-shirt printing.


Custom designed t-shirts tend to be overly detailed. While there is no need to stay with a very simple graphic and text, it is also not a good idea to overwhelm the design. It should be immediately evident what the graphic is or what the idea is behind the design.


Color makes a lot of difference, both for the target audience as well as in the contrast between the graphic, text, and t-shirt. There are also different techniques that are used for t-shirt printing Atlanta with light on dark or dark on light combinations.


Always select the best possible printing company to complete your custom t-shirts. The few additional pennies you may pay per shirt for a top screen printing service will be evident in the quality they provide.

Focusing on these five factors of printing custom t-shirts will help you create just the shirts you want. Top companies such as T-Shirt Custom Printing can also help with t-shirt design, just give them a call to see how they can assist.