Taking the Fear Out of Dental Root Canals in Salem, OR

The term root canal often causes anxiety in many people. There are many tales of pain and trauma from dental root canals in Salem OR. However, these tales are based on fear and fiction. In order to reduce the fear associated with this common dental procedure, the patient must be educated on what to expect. Having a root canal is no different than any other commonly performed procedure done inside a dental clinic.

What Is the Purpose of a Root Canal?

Teeth can become damaged or diseased in a variety of ways. If the damage is extensive enough to affect the nerve of the tooth, the patient is at high risk of losing the tooth. The tooth is also more likely to harbor bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and lead to other complications. In these cases, most dentists recommend dental root canals in Salem OR. A root canal is the only way a tooth can be saved after the pulp or nerve become inflamed.

How Are Root Canals Performed?

The actual process of dental root canals in Salem OR is similar to filing a cavity. The dentist will first prepare the patient’s mouth by numbing the surrounding gum tissue. This assures the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure. Once the patient is completely numb, the dentist will use a dental drill to gain access to the pulp chamber. All diseased material, including the pulp and nerve, will be removed from inside the tooth and replaced with an individual dental compound. Once this is complete, the dentist will seal the tooth with a filing material.

Caring for a Tooth After a Root Canal

After the procedure is complete, the tooth structure will be weaker than before. Most dentists recommend covering the tooth with a porcelain crown to add strength. This is especially important for chewing teeth, such as molars. The tooth should be brushed and flossed as normal. Any pain the patient was experiencing prior to the root canal should disappear immediately following the procedure.

Contrary to popular belief, dental root canals in Salem OR, should not provoke fear in patients. They are a necessary procedure used to save diseased teeth from extraction. The entire process is painless and similar to getting a cavity filled. If you are bothered by a constant toothache, have your mouth examined by a dentist to find out if a root canal would eliminate your discomfort.

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