Technicians Who Perform Residential HVAC Service in Glendale AZ Can Answer Questions About Optimum Central Air Temperature

Many people feel confused about what temperature to set the thermostat on when they’re running air conditioning. They hear conflicting information about whether it’s better to keep the system running at a higher temperature, to keep it at the usual setting or to turn it off altogether. When they are at home, they’re not sure whether turning the temperature up to two degrees will make enough difference in the electric bill to bother. Technicians who provide Residential HVAC Service in Glendale AZ can answer questions people have about saving energy and money on their utility bills, and the most sensible strategies for setting temperature under various circumstances.

Consider a house in which the residents have decided they feel comfortable with the central air set at 76 degrees. Turning the temperature up several degrees when they will be leaving for many hours is advisable, but shutting the system off altogether probably is not. They might set the thermostat at 82 or 84, for instance, and turn it back down when they get home after work or going out of town for the day or the weekend. The equipment does not have to work exceptionally hard to bring the temperature back down 6 or 8 degrees. However, on extremely hot days, turning the central air off completely can result in interior temperatures higher than 90 degrees. Now the central air has to run for a significantly long time to cool the house back down, and that may cost more money than letting it run at a reasonable setting throughout the day.

Technicians who perform Residential HVAC Service in Glendale AZ know that the federal government’s Energy Star program encourages people to keep their central air thermostat set at 78 degrees or higher. People who aren’t sure they’ll be comfortable at that temperature may want to try it out for a few days. During the annual equipment maintenance and inspection by a service such as Gonzales Heating & Cooling, the technician will be happy to answer any questions about air conditioning and heating the home. Visit the website for details on this particular company.

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