Texas CDL and How to Earn Yours

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Automotive

Are you thinking about going to your International truck dealer in Texas and buying or leasing a commercial truck? Maybe you plan to drive over the road, or you want a cube or dump truck? You’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) before you can get behind the wheel. Here is helpful information to get you started.

Class A or Class B?

Depending on your truck’s weight, you’ll need a class A or class B license. To drive a big rig over the road, you’ll want a class A license. For local delivery and buses, you only need a class B license.

Know the Qualifications

Before you think about visiting the International truck dealer for your new vehicle, you must pass all the state requirements. For example, you must live in Texas and write and speak English. Insulin dependent diabetics cannot get a license, nor can people with heart or respiratory disorders. You must pass a vision test and not have significant impairments.

Learner’s Permit

First, you need a learning license. This lets you drive a big truck legally while you learn. You must have a good driving record with no suspensions. You cannot have a DUI conviction or felony traffic offense on your record either.


After you learn how to drive, you’ll take a two-part test. This includes written and driving testing. Make sure to check with your local DVM to see if they offer driving tests.

Making it Easier

To simplify the process, most people go to CDL training schools in Texas. They give you the training you need to drive a big truck and help you prepare for your tests. Many trucking companies offer tuition reimbursement, and you have a job waiting when you graduate if you want a trucking job.

Once you earn your CDL, you can see your International truck dealer about buying a good truck.

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