The Background and History of Wheat-Based Wholesale Tortillas in Pennsylvania

Tortillas stand among the world’s simplest and most satisfying foods. That simplicity, though, conceals a surprising amount of variety, as tortillas come in a range of sizes and at least two basic types. Sellers of Wholesale Tortillas in Pennsylvania area, though, cover this spectrum from one end to the other.

Just as each particular region in Mexico has its own cuisine and norms, each focuses on particular kinds of tortillas, too. In the northern part of Mexico, tortillas made from wheat flour dominate, a reflection of the amount of wheat farming done there even today.

When Spaniards first colonized Mexico, in fact, they brought wheat with them, hoping to make use of the new land for this purpose. They soon found that even the highlands of central Mexico were too warm for this kind of agriculture, leaving them, like the local inhabitants, to subsist primarily on corn.

When they started pushing northward in earnest, nearly a hundred years later, though, it was not long before the Spanish found country suitable for the cultivation of wheat. Wheat soon became a primary crop in the northern reaches of the country, a situation that continues today.

That meant that the corn tortillas that were the norm further south had to evolve to suit the newly colonized regions. The wheat tortillas that were invented in the sixteenth century resembled, and still do resemble, their corn brethren in most ways, but differ in that they more commonly incorporate additives like fat.

Even if tortillas of this kind are a relatively recent addition to the cuisine of Mexico, they are some of the most popular of all in the United States today. Because the Tex-Mex food that is so popular with Americans draws its Mexican influences from the northern part of that country, tortillas made from wheat flour are an important part of it.

Given the ubiquity of Tex Mex cuisine, suppliers of Wholesale Tortillas in Pennsylvania therefore focus on providing these staples to their clients. Wholesale Tortillas of this kind range from the palm-sized, relatively thick wheat tortillas that are a standard part of the dish of fajitas, to the much larger and thinner tortillas typical of Sonora that are commonly used for burritos.

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