The Basics of Attestations for Birth Certificate Documents in Dubai, UAE

Most people have a birth certificate, but not everyone has an attestation for their birth certificate. You may ask “why is this important?” Well, the simple answer is that there are many situations that can arise which require a birth certificate attestation. Learn about the different reasons why you may need to seek out an attestation in your life.

Isn’t a Birth Certificate Enough?

At the end of the day, a birth certificate is a legal document that seems to hold its own weight. However, there are times when this document alone is not enough. For example, if you need to apply for certain benefits in a foreign country, the applicable agency may require a birth certificate attestation. Many foreign governments require this proof in order to apply for residency. As you can see, getting an attestation would be an important step in achieving your goals.

What Does an Attestation Do?

In a sense, an attestation backs up the claim that the document is true and valid. Anyone could present an official-looking document while claiming that it is totally legitimate. In such cases, a foreign authority really has no way to verify whether this is true. This is where the attestation comes in. The attestation is like an official stamp of approval that verifies that the document is what it purports to be. Generally, several government agencies will need to endorse a document to the satisfaction of a foreign government.

Getting Started On the Process

The procedure for obtaining an attestation seems difficult at first glance. However, it isn’t as hard as you might expect. There are even agencies that assist the average citizen in obtaining the appropriate attestations. This is especially helpful when you are pressed for time, or unsure where to start.