The Benefits Of Choosing A Recognized Aerospace Machine Shop

There are many different materials used in the manufacturing of parts and components for the aerospace industry. The parts and components of the engine and the plane structure can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, or even exotic superalloys.

The interior components in the cabin area of the craft can be made of the same types of materials, with aluminum the traditional material of choice. This is due to the corrosion resistance of aluminum coupled with its high strength to weight ratio. Newer options in highly durable, strong, and impact resistant types of plastic have also made these a popular choice for interior components.

Regardless of the specifics of the part, working with an approved, recognized, aerospace machine shop offers the aerospace OEM several advantages. Of course, the precise craftsmanship offered by these shops makes them an excellent option for any OEM to consider when precision parts are a requirement.

Ensure Certification

By choosing a certified aerospace machine shop that has AS9100D certification, the OEM has the confidence in knowing the shop has met all requirements for quality management systems in place in the space, aviation, and the defense industry. This is different from the ISO 9001 certification, which is for general quality management systems.

Companies that have both are the ideal choice, ensuring full quality control on all types of final parts as well as in the actual production methods and expectations of the OEM.

Quality Parts and Dependable Delivery

The certified, recognized, and experienced aerospace machine shop is able to complete the part orders through CNC machining and secondary process to meet both the OEMs tolerances as well as delivery requirements.

With a proven track record in these capabilities, the machine shop becomes a trusted partner, helping the OEM to develop their market and grow their customer base.