The Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies

Electronic cables are commonly used in many types of applications today. In fact, many are produced as part of integrated assemblies connecting several components. In order to make this type of assembly more efficient, many companies are turning to custom cable assemblies, as they provide a host of benefits.

One of the most time and labor intensive tasks today involves assembling electronic components. For example, a great deal of splices, connections, and components may require soldering and testing. However, it is possible to eliminate a great deal of this work when you take advantage of custom cable assemblies.

Flexible Flat Conductor

FFC or flexible flat conductor is becoming very popular with many types of electronic and computer devices these days. In fact, if you remove the back from a desktop computer you may see several of these flat cables connecting hardware components to the main circuit board. Although these cables are not complicated, many electrical setups require several components with more than one cable connection, and custom cable assemblies which are pre-built, can be a great time saver.

Benefits of Custom Flexible Flat Cable

FFC is commonly used in areas where space is a premium as it is low profile. In addition, its light weight makes it ideal for keeping total weight to a minimum. However, flexible cable has the ability to be bent and flex many times without breaking down, and this is a good solution for moving parts or components.

Heat Dissipation

In many kinds of electronic environments, heat is a major enemy. This is extremely important for computers and computerized equipment. Flat flexible cables are designed to maximize heat dissipation, and this helps to keep components cool.

Custom Applications

With so many possible combinations for wiring systems, it is sometimes necessary to tie or twist flat cables in many different configurations, and this is very time consuming. This is why one should consider buying custom assembled cables and components. When you need custom cable assemblies, consider a provider with experience and one which can give you additional services.

Some providers offer many different types of parts and can also perform retro fit installations. Some electronics providers can deliver single or several component assemblies. This can save you a lot of time in the process of assembly and eliminate many types of common mistakes. It is also important to choose a company which provides excellent customer service, product guarantees, and on time deliveries.

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