MDF, medium density fibreboard is an engineered material. MDF is made from real wood residuals, wax and binder to hold it all together. The flat panels of MDF are formed under high temperature and high heat, the result is an engineered material that is far denser than plywood and particleboard. Due to the strength and ease of cutting, MDF is the material of choice for cabinet and cabinet door manufacturers.

The problem with wood:

There is no disputing the fact that wood cabinets look beautiful, there are many homeowners that are taken with a specific wood and regardless of the drawbacks will specify it for their cabinets and cabinet doors. Wood however does have drawbacks that MDF doesn’t have.

* Wood expands and contracts when exposed to temperature and humidity changes, exactly what is expected in a kitchen or bathroom. These variables result in cracking and buckling of the panel.

* Wood doors require maintenance; MDF cabinet doors require only a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

The benefits of MDF cabinet doors:

MDF cabinets and doors perform extremely well in a host of different environments. MDF is the preferred choice for cabinets and doors that will be painted. Due to the flawless surface, MDF looks far better when painted, when wood is painted the grain and knots show through. A painted MDF surface is consistent throughout. MDF is ideal for those homeowners who wish to have the “wood look” as the material is perfect for veneering.

Another benefit is the fact that MDF is available in large sizes, much larger than any wood panels. This means that the door is made from one piece; there is no possibility of the joints opening up because there aren’t any joints.

To top it all off, MDF cabinet doors are less expensive than wood doors.

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry construction calls for flat panel or raised panel doors you will be pleased with the extensive selection of MDF cabinet doors available from LOVECH Ltd.