The Benefits Of Using Climate Controlled Storage Services In Fort Myers FL

Storage facilities make it easy for families to store any items that they may not want to get rid of, but don’t have room for in their home. There is a multitude of companies that provide both short and long-term options, and the most popular are climate controlled storage services in Fort Myers FL. Though they do come at an increased cost, there is a host of benefits to a climate controlled unit, and the following is a quick look at the top three.

Humidity Control

The most prominent nemesis of most items is higher than average humidity levels, as it can cause wood furniture to warp and destroy photographs. A climate controlled unit will remove excess humidity and keep any furniture from becoming damaged and help to preserve any paper documents. Don’t stress if items will become damaged while they are in storage when a climate controlled environment provides peace of mind.

Reduced Pests

Mice, rats, and other pests can enter a storage unit and chew on furniture and cloth items and render them unusable. Climate Controlled Storage Services in Fort Myers FL help to prevent this from occurring by making access to the contents of a unit more complicated. Some companies even go a step further and have regular pest control services so they can make sure any pests are kept outside where they belong.

Temperature Regulation

Extreme temperature shifts can wreak havoc on items in storage, and a standard storage unit can quickly reach temperatures of more than 120 degrees. Exposing furniture to radical temperature shifts can lead to irreparable damage, but a facility with a controlled climate will keep the unit at a set temperature all year. This prevents temperature shifts and the risks associated with it.

Don’t make finding a quality storage facility more complicated than it should be. Rice’s moving and transport provides a vast array of storage solutions and can make it easy for anyone to keep their items safely stored. Get more information by visiting their website or call today to get a free quote, and see how affordable quality storage can be.

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