The Benefits of Using Mohair in Your Upholstery Projects in the USA

Mohair upholstery comes from the wool of Angora goats. This material is not to be confused with the fur taken from Angora rabbits. Designers and manufacturers regard this wool as high-end because of its shine and luster. Companies use the denser wool to make upholstery, which comes from the more mature animals. Most furnishing and upholstery shops enjoy working with this quality product because of its strength and beauty.


If you want to capture a luxurious feel in your home or office, mohair may help you achieve that. Light appears to bounce off the finished fabric, which makes it appear luminous. The cloth is shimmery but durable. The wool holds dye tightly, and the material is warm but light. Because of the fiber’s strength, mohair upholstery is crease and wrinkle resistant. Consumers can find solid colors and complex prints woven from this wool.


Tibet used to be the only place a person could find mohair, but today the goats are raised around the globe. It is a renewable and sustainable resource. The goats are sheared twice a year, and all of the wool is properly cleaned and prepared for processing. Technology and machines handle most of the weaving today.


The fabric is resistant to fire, so in some situations, it is a better option than many polyester blends. It is an excellent product to use if you need durable furnishings or drapes that are heat resistant. To keep items made from this wool in good condition, vacuum or lightly brush them. If they become dirty, consider having the pieces cleaned professionally. For more information on mohair products, contact at