It is no surprise that moving is difficult. There will be a time in your life when you decide to move, whether it is from your parents’ house to an apartment or from an apartment to your new home. Moving does not just consist of packing up your clothes and keepsakes. Have you considered how you are going to lift and move your furniture from one floor out your front door? Full-service long-distance movers will pack, lift, load, unload, and unpack so you do not have to lift a finger.

Location is Everything

Long-distance relocation services have special licenses and permits to transport items across state lines. Long-distance moving companies often offer local and long-distance services. However, local moving companies may only offer local moves because they do not have the permits or licensing to cross state lines. When you call a moving company, you should first specify where you will be moving so they can quickly tell you if they offer the service that you need.

Specialty Items

The best full-service long-distance movers will provide packing supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, and drop cloths to protect your possessions. A mirror can easily break if it is not loaded onto a truck properly. They will ensure your fragile items are wrapped carefully and positioned so they will not fall in the truck and break. If you have very large specialty items, such as a grand piano or pool table, you will require a different service.