Nowhere is lime scale corrosion more dangerous than industrial facilities. Plumbing systems prone to lime scale deposit accumulation can cause hazardous incidences beyond mere utility inefficiency. If water is used in industrial processing in your company, chances are that lime scale accumulation may be taking place.

Risks caused by pipes galvanized by a chemical reaction of metal ions in a facility’s water can lead to the corrosion, leak, and even explosion of pipes and water boilers. With electronic water descaling solutions, lime scale removal can be performed at a fraction of the cost of conventional water softener systems.

Facility Audit of Lime Scale Risks

When industrial companies perform a facility audit, checklists generally include infrastructure. The operation of a facility’s plumbing system in companies where water is used to supply core production processes, is crucial to meeting compliance in audit. Identification of lime scale in plumbing pipes may point to other issues that have the potential to lead to substantial costs in infrastructure and equipment replacement.

If machines using water are operating less efficiently than normal, it is usually a sign that ionization is taking place. Descaling breaks down accumulated ionic deposits in water pipes causing the ruin of industrial equipment, and subsequent higher energy bills. Installation of an eco-friendly, industrial lime scale remover system eliminates the need for acids and other chemicals to remove lime residue.

The Benefits of Electro-magnetic Descaling

Innovations in ionic cleaning of water deposits offered in the development of electro-magnetic descaling, has ushered in a new era in industrial health and safety. Electronic descaling systems function by way of the transmission of signals and frequencies taking place between metal ions in a facility’s water supply. The electro-magnetic process destabilizes the molecular composition of hard water, lessening the detrimental effects to pipe stability.

Lighter weight and easier to install than conventional water softener systems, electronic descaling solutions offer scalability perfect for installation in complex industrial settings. Remove deposits from the industrial environment with an electronic descaling system. The ultimate industrial lime scale remover, electronic descaling is the most effective and reliable method of reducing lime scale build-up on the market.

Electronic Descaling Systems

Industrial companies are often required to spend a significant portion of their budget on equipment. If tools and machines purchased are ruined by hard water circulation, it can lead to additional costs. An electronic water descaling system is an industrial lime scale remover that reduces risks to equipment.

Electronic descaling technologies offer continuous clearing of industrial piping systems of lime scale deposits. Simple to install, electronic water descaling systems the most recommended method of remediating lime scale deposits causing line interruption, and the ruin of industrial machinery.