The Best Marketing Resources for Solo Law Firms

When it comes to creating the best solo law firm websites, one thing that any lawyer needs is a good frame of reference. Reading other law websites and blogs gives attorneys a close look at what works and doesn’t work online. Keeping up with other websites is also a great way to keep your content relevant to the currently trending conversations in the world of law firm marketing. With that being said, here are some of the best websites that solo law firms should be reading to stay up-to-date and informed:

  • Above the Law ( is a website that publishes daily content on all areas of the law, including small law firm management, technology for solo law firms, and more. You’ll get thoughtful posts on current events, and you can also use the website to search for job postings and connect with other solo law firms like yours.
  • Trebuchet Legal ( is a website that provides articles on how to build your career as an attorney after passing the bar exam. If you have just opened your solo law practice, this is a great resource for learning the business side of managing your new operation. You’ll get great advice on managing your virtual office and marketing, as well as information for all the in-person tasks.
  • JD Supra ( is a website that collects legal articles from around the web, and organizes them by topic. It makes it very easy to search for the latest information on a specific topic, which is vital for solo law firms who are wearing all the hats themselves. Get your research started more quickly with help from this website.
  • ABA Journal ( is a professional online publication that includes both text articles and podcast episodes. This website covers everything from balancing your life as a lawyer and solo firm owner, to understanding current issues.

When you want to design the best solo law firm websites for your business, having a great frame of reference for what you’ll be sharing is key. Use these websites to keep your content fresh and relevant, and to get a great idea of what features make a legal website more useful. To get help with beautiful and responsive website design, or to learn more about how websites boost solo law firm visibility, contact Forward Lawyer Marketing today by calling our office at (888) 590-9687.

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