The Best Water Damage Cleaning Company in Oakland

If you live in Oakland and have experienced a pipe burst, a water leak or damage due to an act of God, you may be looking for a qualified water damage recovery company to help you. Here are some things to look for in companies when trying to find the best water damage cleaning company in Oakland. Hopefully you have property damage insurance and if you are a renter, you ought to inform your landlord or property management immediately if you suspect water damage to make the clean-up time as short as possible.

Help With Insurance

It can be daunting to have to file a property damage claim and a good water damage company knows how to work with your insurance company to get the claim covered. It is important to take pictures to send to your insurance company to prove what happened. Be sure to document the situation so that as time passes you can remember the details. Most companies with a lot of experience in the industry will be able to handle all of your insurance needs by working directly with the company. Make sure you ask if the company will do this for you in advance. It can save you a lot of headache when you are trying to keep up with your normal schedule and dealing with damaged property.

Certified Technicians

The internet can be very helpful when choosing the best company for water damage cleaning in Oakland. Look at ratings and read the reviews if you have time. Check to see that the company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and ask them which certifications they hold. Another great thing to ask is how long they have been in the business.

Fast Response

There are many companies that offer water damage cleaning in Oakland but be sure to choose one that will be very attentive to your needs. A good company will respond within half an hour and send someone to your home immediately. It is not common to wait an hour for a call back when it comes to these kinds of issues. Experts know time is of the essence with property damage and the sooner they respond the more materials they can potentially save from damage in your home. Water damage can be costly and the sooner you catch the traveling water, the less likely you are to have serious structural damage. If you feel like you want a second opinion, most companies offer a free estimate.

Proper Follow Up

Once your home is cleared of mold, you may want to consider a mold test. Depending on how long the water had been present, you could have mold growing that poses serious health concerns to you and your loved ones. This should be covered by your insurance. When a company performs a mold test, they should take air samples and tape swab samples. They should be able to provide you with laboratory reports. If mold is found, be sure to have it removed immediately and do not try to remove it yourself. A second mold test should be performed after the mold removal to ensure your health is no longer at risk.

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