The Dentist In Columbus WI Can Stop Infection Through Root Canals

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Dental Services

Though there are many conditions that can prove damaging to the teeth, infections can be the most dangerous. Infections, called abscesses, occur when a tooth became infected and filled with pus. This places pressure on the tooth and can cause permanent damage and even tooth death. Abscesses can cause infection to spread to other teeth and the gums. This is why it is crucial patients see the Dentist In Columbus WI when they believe an infection is present.

The treatment for tooth infections involves antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately, this often does not prove beneficial in completely clearing an infection. To prevent tooth death, the dentist will often need to perform a root canal procedure. Root canals can remove the infection from inside the tooth, so it is no longer in danger of being damaged. Root canals not only stop the progression of damage, they also make the tooth stronger so normal function is returned.

To carry out a root canal, the Dentist In Columbus WI first opens the tooth. Through the opening, the softer tissues of the tooth can be removed. The dentist will remove the pulp, portions of the dentin and the nerve. Visit the site for more info.

During the cleaning process, the roots are scraped down with canal files, so no tissue or infection is left behind. Once all areas of the tooth have been cleaned out, the tooth is rinsed to remove any residue and then it can be filled.

Filling a tooth that has gone through a root canal procedure ensures it will be strong enough to handle normal function. The filling material must be cured and hardened with a UV light and then it is ready to be sealed. The sealant further protects the tooth so it is not damaged during normal chewing.

Once a root canal procedure has been performed, a tooth is less likely to be damaged and will no longer cause a patient pain. Those who are in need of these dental services can contact Dentistry of Wisconsin. Through ongoing care provided by the dentist, smiles can stay healthy and decay and gum disease can be avoided. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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