The Difference In CNC Machining Services

For some parts and components, machining to specific tolerances may not be a critical factor. However, when machining parts for medical devices and equipment, for the aerospace industry or for the military and defense sector, choosing precision CNC machining services is critical.

With these parts and components, even slight variations and imperfections can lead to component failure. This could result in serious ramifications, including life and death issues for patients. Choosing a company that offers quality control, works to specific requirements and has a reputation as a precision machining service is essential to avoid component failures.


The certifications CNC machining services hold will be critical for this type of precision machining requirement. The top companies will be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 as well as AS9100.

These standards specific quality management systems (ISO 9001) as well as specific practices in quality control for medical devices (ISO 13845). Additionally, AS9100 certification applies to those companies providing services to the aerospace industry.

Expertise in Specialized Fields

Along with certification, the best machining services using CNC technology will have extensive experience and expertise in working in the industries they service. Many companies will have specialized engineers on staff to assist with prototype development or machining options in the medical, military, energy or in the aerospace industries.

With this experience comes cost savings and increased efficiency for the customer. These engineers may be able to suggest alternative machining options or even different materials to provide a better quality component meeting all required standards.

Outsourcing or In-House Machining

Many of the generalized CNC machining services do not complete all machining in-house. Instead, they may outsource some of the services to third-party vendors. It is important for anyone using a machining company to verify all work will be done in-house to ensure quality control and full oversight of the machining services by certified companies.

Customer Support

Whether the business knows exactly what is needed in machining services or if they need assistance in developing a prototype part components, working with a machining company offering customer service and support is important.

A machining service that places an emphasis on quality control throughout the machining process as well as in top customer service is a great company to work with. This is particularly important if there will be an ongoing need for machining services where having a partner to turn to for orders and support can help throughout the design and development stage as well as actual production.

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