The Difference In Long Distance And Local Movers In Jackson, MS

One of the challenges for many people hiring movers for the first time is to understand the difference between local and long distance movers. In Jackson, MS, as well as across the country, there are different types of relocation services. Some of these companies operate as local movers and some that provide both local and long distance moving services.

Move Distance is the Difference

Each moving service may have a different distance or geographic area they consider as a local move. However, local movers do not transport loads over borders, either state or international. Moving freight across state lines requires a different type of licensing and oversight, as well as a different billing process. Local moves are usually charged on an hourly rate based on the crew, truck, and other factors needed to complete the job.
Most local moving companies limit their geographic area by mileage. This is often 100 or 150 miles, but it can vary between services. If you are planning a move, call the moving company and ensure it qualifies as a local move.

Duration of the Move

The distance factor with local movers allows for same day moves in most situations. Typically, the driver and the crew that loads the truck at the current location is the same crew that also unloads at the new residence.

It is also possible for local moves to load late afternoon or even in the evening and deliver in the morning. Some of the top local moving companies in the Jackson MS, area also offer secure local storage in their own warehouses.

This is a great option before the move, allowing homeowners to store items when decluttering or staging the home. It is also a terrific idea to use local moving companies to move and store furniture during renovations or home remodeling projects.

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