The Importance of Caring for Your Ankles

The body is made up of numerous structures that work together to keep people going. Those structures all serve their own purpose in helping you be able to function each day. Ankles are no less an important part of the body, they are used to make your feet move enabling you to walk or run smoothly. If your ankles become injured you may find it hard for you to get around and lose some abilities such as jumping, running, and simply walking. They are the hinged joints that connect your legs to your feet that allow you to function properly. If you are experiencing problems when walking or running, you should consult a professional about ankle care in Chicago to be diagnosed and treated for the issue.

Three Common Ankle Injuries

The most popular injury in the lower leg is an ankle sprain. This usually happens when the ankle is rolled or twisted in an awkward way that can result in the tendons or ligaments being torn. Usually, the damage is only minor however, some people do have repeated sprains that can cause more severe damage. Another common injury is to the tendons such as the Achilles’ tendons that connect the toes to the heel. If this tendon becomes ruptured it can become impossible for you to move your foot since it will not flex up or down. The third most common injury is ankle fractures that are caused by trauma to the bones in the ankle. People who suffer from a fracture to their ankle can still walk on the foot, but left uncared for can cause permanent issues to the ankle.

Do Not Put Yourself in Jeopardy Seek Help Immediately

Even though you may think you have a minor injury you can treat yourself it is important that you consult with a professional when you suffer a wound to your ankle. What you may think can be handled at home may turn into a severe problem that could require physical therapy or even surgery to repair. A podiatrist is a doctor, who has specialized in gaining knowledge on how to diagnose and treat problems with their patients’ feet. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or have experienced an injury to your ankle or foot consult a professional on the proper care to help you recover faster and enable you to function properly when moving around.

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