The Importance Of Healthy Puppy Chews

Puppies are naturally curious, friendly and full of energy. They are also prone to chewing and eating just about anything in their environment. By providing healthy puppy chews on a daily basis, owners can allow their pet to satisfy his or her need to chew without any destructive types of behaviors.

The Importance Of Healthy Options

It is important to place emphasis on finding healthy options in puppy chews. There are a lot of products on the market that are not healthy and contain ingredients that can result in upset tummies, discomfort for the puppy and even the risk of material becoming a mass in the digestive system and causing blockages.

The biggest culprit causing digestive blockages, and stomach upsets for puppies is rawhide. This is not really hide, just the inner layer of beef hides, removed at tanning facilities. It is processed, baked, flavored and further processed to create chew toys. Unfortunately, while low cost, it is also non-nutritional and, in addition to the digestive issues, it poses a choking hazard if large pieces are swallowed by the puppy.

A Better Choice

There are healthy puppy chews on the market that are 100% rawhide free. These products look like traditional types of chews and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for tiny puppies through to older puppies and larger breeds.

These chews are made from healthy ingredients including baked pork skin, peanut butter, and milk. These ingredients are easily digested by the puppy, which means that in just 24 hours they are 99.9% digested. Compare this to rawhide chews which may still be as much as 50% undigested in the same time period.

With healthy ingredients and a true crunch and lasting chew, these healthy puppy chews are the ideal option for your new addition to the family.

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