The Importance of Safety in a Work Environment

Change can be a difficult thing in the workplace. Certain changes have the power to affect the livelihood of a company. If implemented correctly, though, changes can make the workplace safer. When a company schedules a turnaround it is during the time when no production is being done within the facility. This is when the company focuses on safety issues, repair, cleaning inspections, and other maintenance-related activities. This time is spent on the company’s employees and outsourced contractors working to get everything ready for the unit or company to resume its regular operations.

Make Safety a Priority in Your Workplace

The last thing you’d want to happen is an accident, especially when your company is undergoing a turnaround. However, it is one of the first things you should foresee happening. Every entrance into a confined industrial area presents some form of risk or mishap. This is why your company must be prepared with a safety strategy during major company change. You must have a skilled team that is highly experienced.  They will help your employees get ready while they are still outside the environment and then work with them to maintain safety and alertness to changing circumstances while inside the confined area. To minimize the risk for your employees, safety teams are trained to handle scenarios such as flammable gases and toxic fumes, engulfment, and entrapment. A safety team is also prepared to provide immediate evacuation of your employees and perform emergency aid if required.


Turnarounds at your company provide an important opportunity for tasks to be done such as safety procedures and maintenance. Having an experienced safety team at your company to assist you and your employees in safety procedures will benefit you and your company, as it will make downtime productive and make everyone safer in the long run. It also serves to safeguard the overall efficient and safety operation of the company itself. If the turnaround is completed correctly and safely, it will in the end prove to be much more beneficial to a company regardless of the short-term delay or expense.

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