The Importance Of Shopping Around For Fastener Suppliers

While fasteners themselves are standard, the different services offered by fastener suppliers can vary significantly. Some suppliers really just offer a product, while others offer a range of value-added and additional services that can benefit any Original Equipment Manufacturer in any industry.

Taking the time to research the local fastener suppliers to your business or work site is a smart decision. This will allow for a complete comparison of not just pricing and supply, but also the other services and features that can make your ordering, inventory management, and even your custom material need much easier.

Customer Service

The fastener companies in the area that offer high levels of customer service and support are going to be the standout companies. These suppliers go above and beyond to train employees to provide the information, support, and assistance in choosing the ideal fastener for any job or application.

Delivery Options

One essential consideration, particularly when comparing prices, is to consider the shipping and handling fees that are added on. Many supply companies offer a lower price than the competition, but then add on to the total with shipping and handling fees that quickly make up the difference.

A small number of fastener suppliers offer free shipping. This is an incredible value-added service to consider, particularly if they offer daily delivery. This addresses issues with constant depletion of inventory on a work site or at a business without the need to carry large volumes of inventory that require storage, counting, and management. Free delivery also cuts down on the cost of the parts ordered. What you see as the price is what you will pay, without any hidden fees or costs.

For a larger company or a busy small company, it may be important to look for fastener companies that provide a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program that frees up your staff completely while also ensuring you always have the fasteners you need for your production.

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