The Latest Trends in Commercial Lighting in New York City

All designers agree that lighting can either make or break the feeling and vibe present in a room. Staying on top of the latest trends in the residential lighting industry is easy, as there are a wide array of publications that track and publish what’s new. While just as important, Commercial Lighting in New York City does get the same amount of coverage, which makes it hard for business owners to determine what fixtures will provide the style and lighting that is required for a space. Shopping at lighting supply stores without having an idea of what to look for can be exhausting and time consuming. Take the guess work out of buying light fixtures by considering the following items.

No More Fluorescent Bulbs

Offices all over the world are doing away with fluorescent bulbs. If the buzz they produce isn’t annoying enough, research shows that the quality of light they put off can actually be harmful to eyes after only hours of exposure. Fortunately, there are other light sources available that can save money without harming eyesight.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most sought after aspects of Commercial Lighting in New York City is energy efficiency. LED bulbs provide a steady stream of bright light, and consume a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs. They also have a long life expectancy which saves money on replacement bulbs and reduces the amount of waste that is taken to the landfill.

Light Placement

Another big trend in Commercial Lighting in New York City is light placement and formation. The light produced by a bulb is not designed to spread out. Most commercial bulbs are designed to act as a spotlight that shines straight ahead. While up-lighting can be a good way to spread light, this type of lighting is antiquated from a design standpoint. Look at specialized fixtures that can help reflect light across multiple spectrums instead of being concentrated in only one direction.

Shopping for light fixtures can quickly become an overwhelming experience. The lighting design team at Integrity Electric has the knowledge to help any company, large or small, determine the best placement for lights and which fixtures will provide the most reflection without damaging the eyes. Stop by their showroom today and view their line of available lights. A lighting designer will be able to answer any questions and make choosing the perfect light fixture an easy process.

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