The Many Benefits of Automated Systems for Fabrication

Automation is nothing new in manufacturing and fabrication these days. In fact, it has been around in Minneapolis for many decades. If you run a small to medium sized machine shop or fabrication service, you could find it difficult to make the move from “manual” to “automatic”. Here are some of the benefits you can receive by adding automated systems to your business.

Faster Production Times

With automatic machinery, you can drastically reduce your production time. For example, suppose a specific part requires four different operations. Instead of transferring the part three times for work, it can all be done on one CNC machine. In fact, some machines are capable of several tasks.
Faster production means you can deliver more finished materials in a shorter amount of time. This is an excellent way to increase profits and earn more regular customers. It’s like expanding your business without all the added expenses involved.

Enhanced Accuracy

Modern automated systems in Minneapolis are capable of very high tolerance work. This is extremely important in many operations. In addition, when you automate you eliminate the possibility of human error. Many machine shop mistakes are the result of improper measuring or failure to set up equipment properly. Many of these issues can be avoided with automatic machinery.

Consistent Quality

With enhanced accuracy comes better quality. A machinist working with a manual operation may not always reproduce the same part perfectly each time. However, once automated systems are properly set up, they perform the exact same work time and time again and the quality never suffers.

Less Worker Fatigue

The more you automate, the less manual labor your workforce must endure. For instance, some workers must engage in repetitive activities over and over again. They make the same parts every day and it can become monotonous and very fatiguing. In addition, with this kind of work, the possibility of repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome is greatly increased. Work related injuries are responsible for a great deal of lost time and this costs businesses millions of dollars each year. When you limit these types of injuries you lessen absenteeism and the problems it can bring.

Lower Operating Costs

Automated systems in Minneapolis can lower operating costs in several ways. For example:

* You may need fewer workers on the payroll
* Less work for human resources staff
* Fewer machines may be required since some automated machines can do the job of many different machines.
* Lower energy bills – automatic equipment is made to be very energy efficient.

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